Here is a collection of websites that i have designed and developed for various organisations. Everything from design, layout, icons, graphics and coding has been done by me. If you wish me to make you a website then please do not hesitate to contact me.


This is of course this website…or is it? Anyways this started out life as a theme on WordPress called “Piano Black”, originally designed by Mono-Lab. The layout is all that is left now. All graphics, icons, buttons and various other additional contents were in fact created by the one you now know as Ratan Phamber…me.


This website was made for a media organisation. This was the initial Flash version that lifted a few eye brows (as in it was good). The logo was a central feature designed by the one and only Linu Hamid, so you know where to go if you want a logo made.


This was the preliminary HTML version made after the Flash version. It follows a very simple design and style but is effective nevertheless.


As a co-founder, my task was based entirely on creating and developing the website for this arts organisation. So it began slowly with minimal content and then evolved into what it is now.


This is just a sneak preview of some of my work and there is always more to come. Web design is something i find interesting, as it, it becomes your digital book as to say, that houses your dreams. And it is the many things that i do, that i wish somewhere amongst them those dreams come true.


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