Thus…It Began!

Wolverine (2000)

Ahh something creative…a skill…how swell. Besides all that sarcasm, this is indeed a drawing i have done. However this isn’t just any drawing. This is the earliest drawing i could find where i realized i had a small amount of talent when it came to holding a pencil. This was done in 2000 (woohoo we made it!). That means that i did this drawing when i was 13 years old. All those days sitting there after school staring at the screen watching Art Attack and i had some part of it inside me. I took this skill and although like many, was prevented by certain family members to not pursue this as a career thinking it would be a dead end, i left it as a hobby. Luckily it never left me. This is indeed Wolverine from the X-Men, getting blasted by heavy shooting, it’s always good to see a self healing hero get blasted into bits only to come back and say “Here’s Johnny!” Or something like that. Marvel and DC Comics grew on me from a very young age and comics were always there to help; with an aspiration to one day draw as good as the awesome artists do in these comics. Yeppers, although this picture isn’t totally soaked, it is however watermarked, like all my others will be. I’m not pointing any fingers. But i didn’t say anything about toes mwahahahahaha!

If i am to be anything of a good artist then i have much work to do. But at least i can say that this was something i did when i was 13. If only Neil Buchanan had received my letter with a drawing in it. But then i doubt a letter with a personally made stamp with a drawing of the queens head on it would have managed to get past Royal Mail. One of the workers probably saw it and said “awww” and then scrunched it up and threw it in the trash can.

Well i hope you like and remember, if i can do it so can you…even YOU! Afterall we are both different and the same.