Superman First Issue in the New York Post Newspaper 1939

Superman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 Framed3

Superman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 UnframedSuperman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 DateSuperman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 Superman Strip


Here it is, the start of the Memorable Memorabilia of moi. And it begins with my most prized possession. This is in fact the first issue of Superman ever released in the New York Post newspaper dated Monday July 10th 1939.

My story of this begins many years ago when i first found my love for Superman and the Superman franchise. Sometimes when we are children we have the need for something to look up to, something to give us hope, something to tell us that we are going to make it and when we do, we are going to make sure the people around us also do. My past wasn’t a good one. It was filled with peril, pain and a little bit of happiness here and there to make it all seem…somewhat balanced. I needed something to grasp on to and help propel me towards the might of the sky. And so i chose my favourite character in everything i read and watched… Superman. He became my father figure, my guiding light and my way of life. To be good, to help people and to become strong enough to fight head on the perils i once fought with my shivering soul. Thus began an ever growing love for this franchise… and my superhero complex.

I went through a difficult point in life a few years ago and i chose to buy things, many things. I chose to collect things of great value that i liked, be it from film, books and music. Then i realised that i was buying to make the metaphoric hellish pit i live in, a better place. But even if such a thing exists, you can’t make a hellish pit better, it’s hellish. And so i bought my last piece. It had to be something big and of great value to me and so i bought this. Thus ended my purchasing spree to empty pockets. When i purchased it from a far of distant organisation linked to Washington DC, it arrived about a week after. It is such a brittle piece that even a touch can make parts of it crumble, so i immediately had it put into a protective sleeve and sealed into a frame.

So what to do now? Would i sell it? Maybe. Life has changed and is ever changing. I will keep it well preserved and packed until either i have a home with a dedicated memorabilia room, maybe have it on one of my walls, or i sell it and thus Superman helps me once again to pave a better future with enough money to start the purchase of a house. Perhaps. We shall only see.


Fear Can Be Useful… Sometimes

I have been pondering a lot about fear recently and the other day i was on a Dark Knight movie marathon and i came across something. I have always wondered about how bad fear is and how it puts us in some of the worst situations possible. I thought that overcoming fear of everything was the best way about it. This time while i was watching the last movie in the trilogy “The Dark Knight Rises”, it made me realise otherwise.

I used to think that fear was something that holds us back, stopping us from doing great things. Well, during the movie the notion of fear was brought up in a situation and then resolved with a very interesting theory. I thought that if i rid myself of fear then i could do anything i put my mind to. It is hear i realised that sure i could do great things if i put my mind to it but in certain situations fear becomes a requirement to take things that step further than all steps. It seems that fear can help us push ourselves to do things by utilising our maximum effort, strength, capacity and so on. Having no fear is like having a safety net beneath you in case you fall. It can mean that we may psychologically not do our best because we know we are safe. Take this safety net away and you’re left with the fear of falling. This means that to make the jump, we must put in all the strength we have into it, knowing that if we don’t, then we fall. The fear drives us to put everything we have into what we are about to do. This isn’t just about jumping from one cliff edge to another, but also in the context of trying to hand in something according to a deadline and the fear of failure making us put everything we have into getting that last piece of work in. Or running into a burning building from fear of losing someone. And the reasoning runs on into the infinite. Of course this is may not be something that happens on a daily basis but in those moments, it is there and it can be harnessed to an extent.

We all have something we fear, be it materialistic such as losing an object or money; or something deeper or more psychological like losing someone you love. I have discovered two fears of mine so far. One of them has already been mentioned, while the other is a more bodily constraint in the form of paralysis, which i believe came about from childhood in my love for all things Superman. Superman = Superman Movies = Christopher Reeve = Paralysis. Bizarro i know, but i think very highly of these two people, one materialistically real and one fictionally real. My worst dreams are the ones which physically constrain me in the form of full or partial paralysis and it is usually far worst when i am lucid dreaming and still cannot break from it. My fear of paralysis drives me to do more and be more active in everything i do, more than ever. Recently for many reasons i have begun a thorough training programme of exercise, for both mind and body (and maybe even soul). The other is to fight for and protect the people i love with everything i have.

So in the end, fear does not have to be a stopping force but can in fact be a driving force. Don’t let fear control your life, take your fears and use them to drive you further than ever, because you never know, one day, you may just fly.

Thanks for reading.