Rayman is the Man…Ray!

Super Rayman HeadSuper Rayman


I used to have (and still do) Rayman on the Game Boy and darn did i love that game. My parents didn’t buy me many games so this was one of the games i loved so much i had completed it a few times, and once holding the Game Boy upside down throughout; now that was a challenge. These doodles were inspired by Rayman with a super hero twist.



A Dreamy Ray of Pain

I woke up today and felt a little unusual. Ignoring the feeling i went out to see this new building that was supposedly doing great things for people. The building was built to help support, train and develop children to grown people. I approached the building with its glass structure. The doors were large and heavy but slid open smoothly. I decided to go through all the floors looking at the individual sections for different people. One floor trained children mathematics while others taught the power of reason. It was an interesting place. There was even a place to play indoor crazy golf.

I decided it was time for me to leave and head home. I was walking down the stairs and somehow my foot slipped and i fell down the flight of stairs. Hard marble-like steps jabbing at my bones as my body fell. Although endless in mind, i came to a halt at the very bottom. I couldn’t move. I was so scared. I reached out to feel my back and my spine felt different. It was crooked. Was i paralysed? No i wasn’t. I didn’t realise how this was possible but i began to get up. All of a sudden heat began to surge throughout my body, raising my temperature to what felt like boiling point. My eyes became red with fire and before i could think about what was going on, a burst of red hot light rocketed out of my eyes, hitting the concrete wall in front of me. The collision made a crackling boom. I couldn’t control it, the heat was in control now, my eyes continued to fire this ray of heat at uncontrollable lengths. I shouted for help; for people to drag me outside where it was safer. A group of people, maybe three, ran to me and dragged me towards the door. No one was around to open the door so i directed my gaze at the door and the continuous blast of heat seared the glass doors to a point at which they cracked and exploded. Shattered glass lay dangerously splintered across the floor. “Thank you! Leave me!” i shouted in exhaustion. I raced outside barely standing and looked up at the sky to direct my heat ray up so that no one would get hurt. While facing up i began to focus, hone my curse and try to stop it. The ray flickered for a bit and then again. I need to try harder. It flickered again and then came to a halt. The screeching hiss was now silent as i was being watched by everyone outside. I had controlled it…for now.


And then i woke up for real.