Rayman is the Man…Ray!

Super Rayman HeadSuper Rayman


I used to have (and still do) Rayman on the Game Boy and darn did i love that game. My parents didn’t buy me many games so this was one of the games i loved so much i had completed it a few times, and once holding the Game Boy upside down throughout; now that was a challenge. These doodles were inspired by Rayman with a super hero twist.


The Symbol of my Dreams

Lightning Bolt Like Symbol DoodleLightning Bolt Like Symbol Doodle

Lightning Bolt Like Symbol DoodleLightning Bolt Like Symbol Pendant DoodleLightning Bolt Like Symbol Pendant Doodle

Yep I’m giving you a little more than usual this time. Why? Because i love you all of course. These are a series of symbols i used to see in my dreams. I have no idea why i saw them but i did, and i drew then as soon as i woke up. You can see the variations from symbols to slightly 3rd dimensional, to pendant form. Unusual i know but nevertheless they were doodles worth mentioning.


The Doodles Begin to Roll

Here it is! The first in a line up of awesome new things to come.

And it begins with this, a forever rolling line up of doodles i have done, with less talk and more showing. Whether they be small doodles that seem pointless or meaningless or slightly more detailed doodles that say more than just POW! But more like POW! BOFF! KRAKKK! and KAPOWZERS! Yep that’s what you’re getting. A fist full of doodles.