Enter The Battle Grid

Video By Ratman7891 (Ratman7891 = Ratan Phamber ∴ Me)


I thought I’d start off with a video of it that i have made. That was also my first ever YouTube video, i know you’re thinking where has he been his whole life? Truth is i didn’t just want to put up videos of me breakdancing and breaking my back, but something useful and not embarrassing… like breaking my back. I don’t breakdance by the way. So what is this you ask? Well why don’t i tell ya? This is The Halo Battle Grid version 1.0 Custom Multiplayer Map for Halo: Reach. I went downloading for some maps and to my surprise there weren’t that many well thought of designs, with the exception of a few. So i like 3D design, so i thought why don’t i make one. Using the Forge World Map i was able to construct this Forerunner and Tron inspired boxed in arena, using up all $10,000 and bringing down many of my resource quantities to 0. The Map took me 30 hours to construct, refine and debug. This includes the time taken to add spawn points and test them so no one spawns outside the world and falls straight into their death which is the ocean. The Map is symmetrically designed and accurate down to the last 0.1 point of measurement.

Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0

Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0

Here are a few more screen shots showing it’s structure and symmetrically designed form. Now then, there are indeed a few interesting features possibly not seen anywhere else (well i haven’t seen them anywhere else) that i have incorporated into this map. One thing you’ll notice is the grid-like floor and ceiling, but this isn’t just a grid thrown in, the grid on the floor is actually situated just on the surface of the ocean, which therefore gives a shimmering feel to the floor. Trust me it looks much better standing on it than seeing it through a picture or video.

Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0

The second thing is the attention to structure and design, rather than just platforms your Spartan or Elite can walk on, which seems to be how most of the other Maps i have seen are build like. I wanted this to look as good as it is playable. Everything has been taken into account, including gameplay. I have tested weak spots, strength spots, high points and low points, even hiding spots or points where mass destruction can occur, however at the cost of your invisibility to others. The Battle Grid has been designed to be balanced.

Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0

Another awesome thing is the invention of this (picture above). This is a lift constructed of various pieces of Forerunner architecture and two one way shields. One side of a shield prevents access by pushing the player away, and the other side doesn’t just give access, but sucks in the player. Therefore by placing them inside this contraption with the accessible side down, if the player jumps up inside it they are immediately sucked up and pushed out of the top. Hence Lift. Much better making one than putting in a man cannon or teleporter.

Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0

And of course, there’s The Watcher. This is my little A.I. that lives in this prison, that guards the place making sure no one escapes. You might be thinking whaa? But yes making a story up as i build helps inspire to develop it better and in the way it has become. More pictures of this map can be seen on my Flickr Photostream under Halo: Reach Forge Maps (Link Below).

Screenshot of The Halo Battle Grid 1.0

Thanks for reading and go ahead, download and play, and of course, like it if you like it.


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Download Map for Halo: Reach here: Download


P.S. Of course those that know me, know that i wouldn’t just make something without a few secrets. Here’s a picture to help you and remember this can lead you to become the most powerful Spartan or Elite on the map…if you can get it.

Screenshot of a Secret in The Halo Battle Grid 1.0