Morning Cough Up

I thought I’d put this one in there as it may be small and simple but unusual nevertheless.

I was in my room and on my computer, doing the usual research for job applications and so on. I poured a glass of water and set it on my desk. As i typed away to exhaustion i reached for the drink and missed, knocking it over. Those who know my computer setup (hardly anyone) will know of the junction upon junction of cables, plugged into a multitude of sockets and extensions all leading to one main outlet. The water spilt on the table and immediately ran its way down behind the table and onto the wires and plug sockets. Sparks flew like mini fireworks upon my feet. I jumped down to power everything off but by then a fire had started and was quickly spreading. I tried to put out the fire but it spread to my whole room and i was choking somehow trapped in my room without a way out. The smoke became unbearable and i began choking heavily. And then i made myself wake up.

I woke up coughing and choking. I immediately took control and calmed myself down but the taste of the dark threatening smoke lingered for much of the day. Bizarro. Bizarro indeed.


The Worst Nightmare Of My Life…So Far

I was sitting on a stool just minding my own business when a tingly sensation infiltrated through my body. I thought nothing of it and carried on with what i was doing. All of a sudden, with no other warning, my body froze and i feel from the stool to the ground face down. I couldn’t move. Everyone ran up to me and asked if i was ok and i replied,

“Don’t worry, it’s ok, i’m just in sleep paralysis.”

No one had a clue what i was talking about as this usually happens when i tell people something that breaks the boundaries of their world. I thought this was it but it got worse. My vision became blurry to the point where all was in soft focus and then even that became even worse to the point where all i could see was a blur of colours. I was blind. This couldn’t be real but nevertheless i began to panic a little. It couldn’t get any worse right? I was wrong. I began shouting to everyone for help. I was actually scared for once. As i shouted a burst of two extremely loud sound frequencies perforated my ear drums. One was a really low frequency and the other a really high frequency; together forming a bleeding melody from hell. The sound was never-ending and i found myself deaf. My ultimate fear of ultimate paralysis, where i cannot move, see or hear. I knew i could still shout but it didn’t matter anymore, all was lost.

I had to wake myself up. I knew i was dreaming, but why was i stuck? Was it the fear? I shouted at the top of my lungs once more and like an exit from a coma i awoke in the real world still screaming. It took a second before i realised my scream from the dream had continued into reality and so i stopped before anyone in the house had heard. My head pulsated in pain and my heart was pounding harder than ever but my body was still in sleep paralysis. My body lay dead and my arms crossed over my chest. I calmed down as my body melted from the sleep paralysis and after a few minutes i got up to drink some water.

I don’t get nightmares often. To be honest i am pretty sure this is my life’s third nightmare. This was by far the worst nightmare i have ever had. And the worst part was that this is the first time a nightmare has seeped so far into reality after waking up. Usually i am able to wake myself up from within the dream world earlier, or even embrace death in the dream, because death always wakes me up, even though i am left with the cause of death as a waking pain for the whole day; a downside to lucid dreaming. But this wasn’t death, this was torture and torture is always the worst.


Mind, Body and … Well, Just Those Two

Something extraordinary happened. I have had lucid dreams for a very long time and usually the lucidity keeps to itself, as in the dream remains in the dream and reality remains where it is. I have spoken before about how lucidity has had affects on my body whether it is tiredness and exhaustion from a very active dream or emotions seeped into reality by dream content. This time i managed to do something else, something much more advanced. Using a visual pattern within my dream i was able to associate each shape within the iterative pattern with certain body parts. For example i would find a small hexagonal shape within the pattern and associate it with my left arm, and another shape with my right arm, and maybe a different shape entirely for my leg, or even my waist.

I managed to use the formula in my dream and move my arm and then when my arm dropped i semi woke up and noticed exactly that. I then fell back to sleep and elevated my leg and then woke up as it dropped. The final movement i managed to make, was turning my body to my right. When i woke up for that i knew this wasn’t just a coincidence, plus remembering my dream only strengthened the thought of what was happening.

There are so many things in life we don’t yet know and i would love to delve deeper into this and work out how i managed to sleep move with control. Who knows maybe I’ll work it out or maybe it was just a lucky once time only, even though it was the second time.

Thank you for reading and hopefully i haven’t freaked you out.


Aliens and Aches

What a day. Woke up a with heart palpitations again but much stronger than usual and they continued throughout the day. I wondered why i was feeling like this until i realised, ah yes, that dream.

I dreamt i was an alien; walked on two legs and had long arms and a slightly elongated head. To be honest i looked pretty much like the Arbiter in Halo 2 and 3.The Arbiter from Halo 2 and 3 I was being hunted down by the humans until i realised that the war was all wrong and i was fighting for the wrong team. The dream wasn’t as lucid as they can be. Anyway i decided to tell the humans that i was on their side and how we together can defeat the aliens and their attack force but that they have something planned, something that can destroy the human race. With much of the dream missing, i next remember that i was faced with some flying aircrafts that i shot down with ease and then running to destroy the device threatening the human race. I dove in front of the device blasting it with some sort of EMP (Electro-magnetic Pulse) weapon and destroyed it but just when i had, i knew someone was aiming down at me to kill and in an instant i turned around and shot it. The alien was dead, as a straight shot went through it’s head. All the marines around me were cheering for me and humanity, until i noticed that i had been pierced by a bullet that seemed to look like a two pinned fork. Unfortunately for me it had been shot directly into my heart. Two pins joint to one fork-like bullet and little chance of missing my heart. I fell to the ground and before i knew it, i woke up.

Most of the time i wake up instantly after death. But the rest of my waking day was filled with heart palpitations every hour or so. Luckily they were softer as the day went on. Weird one, but very exhilarating and full of adrenaline. Thanks for reading and remember not all aliens are bad.

The Anonymity of Dream Lucidity

I am of course talking about dreams. The term “Lucid Dream” is most normally defined as having a dream where the dreamer is aware that they are dreaming, thus also being able to manipulate and control aspects of the dream. I have been able to lucid dream for so long i can’t actually remember when it first began. All i remember is that i could control my dreams and after years i then realised what it was and researched a hell of a lot to find out all i could. This doesn’t happen to me every single day but out of a week, it’ll be at least three to four days. The main reason i believe I am writing this, is because of a few reasons. One of them is that so many people out there don’t even know they have this condition/ability. One may ask, why is it important that i should know? And from my experience and findings i have found out that it can be good and bad.

Initially i think of the movie Inception for their well developed modern movie based on lucid dreaming. If you haven’t watched it, it is definitely worth a watch or two (and i don’t mean sell your watch). when i dream, most of the time i am able to remember them, either because i just do, or i focus on remembering it as soon as i wake up (by repeating it in my head), or even by re-iterating (or memorizing) the dream while inside my dream so that by the time i wake up, I’ve already remembered it. Some of the good things i have managed to get from controlling my dreams are; so that i am able to win or succeed in the dream and then i wake up in better moods, or even become something really awesome inside it, like a super fighting world saving cybernetic being. For example, once i had a dream in which the city was being destroyed by a humungous monster, a bit like in the movie Cloverfield, and rather than running away, i realised that i was dreaming and stopped running. My friends were shouting, “What are doing? Run!” And i told them that this is a dream. One thing i have always noticed, is that your projections in the dream (the people inside the dream) never seem to either like or understand when you try to tell them that you’re in a dream and they can often become angered (after all your telling someone they don’t exist). But anyway to cut it short, i decided to concentrate and turn myself into a superhero, e.g. fly, super strength, super speed and so on…well just think of Superman… well without the underwear. Well without the underwear on the front, not without wearing underwear…yikes! And by becoming a superhero i defeated the monster. All i have to do in the dream is tell myself that this is a dream and that i can do anything. Then by willing myself to fly i am able to fly.

I noticed that if my dreams could be that immersive, vivid and sometimes even have a good storyline, then one thing i absolutely love about them is that most of my stories actually come from dreams. I have several novels in development and all were detailed dreams where i could vividly be apart of the story and control myself, and this in turn would make me wake up feeling like it was all real. All that detail makes an awesome novel and they aren’t just normal stories either, some of them i believe are quite unique. Sometimes however dreams can be so immersive and believable that you actually think it is real. One example of this would be this time i woke up and was late to meet my girlfriend. While still at home i fell to my knees saying, “Nooooo, i stood her up! How could i!” but then while on my knees i thought, “but wait, i would never leave my girlfriend hanging there like that. It’s not me. This must be a dream.” I then counted down “3…2…1…” and shouted “WAKE UP!” And i woke up realising i had several hours still left before meeting up with my girlfriend. Freaky or what? Oh yes and i can wake myself up whenever i want from within the dream as you have just read. Yikes, so much writing…hmmm…i know… here’s some pictures just to break the tension.

Super SquirrelLovey CatsFluffy The Destroyer


Now that we’re back from our break, i do however also suffer from heart palpitations whereby at times my heart rate will increase exponentially. The pounding can even drain my energy completely or hurt my chest. If i have a vivid lucid dream, then my mind is surely much more active while I’m sleeping. Therefore many times i have woken up after a chase sequence, or fight, or worse and because my mind is so immersed into the dream, when i wake up, my heart is already pounding like it is going to explode. It has even been said that lucid dreaming can cause children and even adults to wet the bed, not aware that they have done so because of the real-ness of a dream. So many children out there hide in embarrassment not knowing they do this due to having a lucid dream. One example would be going to the toilet in your dream, but because your mind is so immersed, it also happens in real life.

With all the movies i watch and games i play, i always have crazy detailed and normally action packed dreams, thus i am always exhausted when i wake up, which is especially not good when one has to go to work. Two days ago i had a dream that i became a Titan, yep a Greek God with great power…i know it sounds funny, but i am a weird human being so it works. I used my super strength as a Titan to free my family and friends from a hundred sealed metal gates imprisoning them for eternity. I used my hands to tear apart the metal bars like vines in a jungle. The only problem came, was when i woke up. My arms were in pain for the whole day especially around the biceps. It’s almost like having the power of the Gods (so to speak) is so much power for a mortal such as myself that when transforming back into the human (or in this case waking up), the body can’t handle the power and strength that was used and so you feel pain. This happens all the time to me, whether i land on my feat from falling from the skies or get punched in the gut by a robot, i wake up with the pains as if it had happened for real. I think this is where the mind takes it too far and thinks it was real and therefore makes the pain real. Or maybe it has something to do with the mind believing it to be real and so makes the body react as if it were real, e.g. muscles tensen continuously or rapidly resulting in muscle pain. You may not believe me, but i go through this every week; different dreams, different after shocks/pains. To bad my General Practitioner doesn’t seem to see this as a condition and therefore i have to live with it. I do however also see it as an ability of the mind. Maybe the mind’s psychic ability is enhanced. You might not believe me but I’ll write it anyway. From dreaming i also learnt how to drive a car when i was 17. My mind felt that the dream was so real that by the time i had woken up, i had learnt the techniques and was up and running on my first ever driving lesson. The instructor even asked me how many lessons i had done before, and when i told him that this was my first one he didn’t believe me. Of course at the time i felt i couldn’t just tell him i had learnt it in my sleep. But i guess now i have, to you and the world. The same thing happened with learning martial arts; dreamt it, and could do the moves when i woke up.

Talking of psychic, there have even been stories of people dreaming places and knowing it’s a dream and then waking up. Then after many years they have gone on a holiday and found that exact street and therefore know exactly where they are going. Weird, but then again so much in this world is unknown and we will always have a lot to learn. There is so much i could talk about here but maybe another time. I know for some this will be hard to grasp and others will be like “Oh my God, i lucid dream” or “Oh my God, I’m a weirdo” but trust me, weird is the best, for weird is unique. Is it all true? Is it all real? Do we believe it? I guess that’ll always be your opinion, but all i can say is…

The Truth Is Out There

Thanks for reading. Please do comment or even tell us if you’ve experienced anything similar, or even lucid dreaming itself.