Are You Asking Me On A….. Update?

Yep! This is just an update to tell you, my favourite people that the previously unknown navigation link known as “error…x[23-52]!” is now a page called “Web” and it is here to stay. This will showcase my various web designs done for the various organisations that i have worked for. It is likely that another unknown navigation link may also be revealed very soon…why? Because i gotta! Information is flowing through me like mercury through an ice-cream cone. Life seems to be throwing a lot of obstacles in my way and it is starting to get difficult but nevertheless we have to fight on through, after all, life seems to be all about fighting for the right things (maybe i’ll blog about this soon). I just hope I’m not working myself to illness. So to sum it up:


 Web is now open for viewing to see my web designs.

Mercury is flowing through an ice-cream cone.


Thanks for reading and Godspeed.