A Watered Down World

I got up today and was walking around the house and a weird sensation filled my mind as if something big was about to happen. All of a sudden before i even had time to think about my thoughts a siren could be heard. Much like a war siren, it grew louder, until it belled my very ears. Could it be a war, maybe. I didn’t think twice about it and ran out of the house and to my astonishment i was welcomed by a hatred of water. The land was being drowned by the very oceans that hold us.

Maybe it was time for the ocean to claim it’s vengeance for the horrors that have been done to it. I ran back into my house and alerted everyone in it. I then ran back out and through as many windows and doors i shouted to people, alerting them of this threat. The water swept in faster than the release of a yawn. All the civilians gathered at a giant hotel, large, ivory, gold trimmed, most possibly of royal stature. At this point an officer stepped up and spoke telling us that this hotel goes up really high and will protect us from the water. He also mentioned that the world population has been reduced to a mere few thousand. After i and many others could even begin to take this all in, the officer continued to speak but this time telling us that the rich must take the upper floors and the poor must take the lower floors, knowing that we, being the poor ones, would surely drown. Nevertheless we entered the hotel.

It didn’t take long for the first few floors to become flooded and we began running to the upper floors for safety. We were again confronted by the officer who repeated that we were not allowed up here, knowing we were on the verge of death, either by drowning or hyperthermia. I ran past the guard and shouted out to all the people that we were the same and that we will go wherever safe. As i ran through the chandelier lit corridors i saw that each room was filled up by one rich individual which to me seemed rather arrogant. After the rest of us managed to break past the security we each grabbed a room whether inhabited by a rich person or not. And yes the much richer people would look and shout in disgust as our wet clothes soaked the soft creamy furry floors. Did i care…no, my life and the lives of many others hung on thin water. The water rose and the building became weaker. Every so often i would hear quakes as the building began to crumble and break apart in the lower regions.

As the building began to collapse the water levels began to drop. Oddly i decided to lead everyone outside where to my surprise the water began to seep away as if the bath plug had been pulled out. However bizarre, i still went closer towards a gigantic puddle placed harmlessly in the middle of what could only be described as a vast plain of mud and dirt. Everything had been swept away. At this point the richer people had exited the now ruined hotel. They saw that all had ended and began policing their efforts to take control again. I couldn’t let them do this, so i jumped up and shouted to everyone telling them that the world doesn’t just belong to the rich, that just because you have money, does not mean that you own everything. The security guard tried to arrest me or maybe worse as he became rather aggressive. In that immediate moment i pushed the officer so hard that he fell about 4 to 5 metres down off a paved ledge straight into a muddy pit. He wasn’t injured but it sent an infective laughter amongst the people. Once again i told everyone that the world belongs to all of us and that if we work together to rebuild it, we could get further in life than anyone could imagine. It took a few seconds of silence until the people began to accept and cheer towards the notion i had brought across. Together we began to clean the area up and begin from the start.

And then i woke up for real.

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed another weird dream from the weird one.


Aliens and Aches

What a day. Woke up a with heart palpitations again but much stronger than usual and they continued throughout the day. I wondered why i was feeling like this until i realised, ah yes, that dream.

I dreamt i was an alien; walked on two legs and had long arms and a slightly elongated head. To be honest i looked pretty much like the Arbiter in Halo 2 and 3.The Arbiter from Halo 2 and 3 I was being hunted down by the humans until i realised that the war was all wrong and i was fighting for the wrong team. The dream wasn’t as lucid as they can be. Anyway i decided to tell the humans that i was on their side and how we together can defeat the aliens and their attack force but that they have something planned, something that can destroy the human race. With much of the dream missing, i next remember that i was faced with some flying aircrafts that i shot down with ease and then running to destroy the device threatening the human race. I dove in front of the device blasting it with some sort of EMP (Electro-magnetic Pulse) weapon and destroyed it but just when i had, i knew someone was aiming down at me to kill and in an instant i turned around and shot it. The alien was dead, as a straight shot went through it’s head. All the marines around me were cheering for me and humanity, until i noticed that i had been pierced by a bullet that seemed to look like a two pinned fork. Unfortunately for me it had been shot directly into my heart. Two pins joint to one fork-like bullet and little chance of missing my heart. I fell to the ground and before i knew it, i woke up.

Most of the time i wake up instantly after death. But the rest of my waking day was filled with heart palpitations every hour or so. Luckily they were softer as the day went on. Weird one, but very exhilarating and full of adrenaline. Thanks for reading and remember not all aliens are bad.

A New Hope

First of all… Happy New Year!

I haven’t blogged in a while, so deepest apologies… well not too deep otherwise that’d be gross. But things have been a little rocky, well actually things have been so rocky, they’ve been Rocky V. We all have times when we just have too much unloaded on to us, for us to do the things we wish to. Sometimes they are things that are just inevitable and other times they are just down right bad. It makes me wonder if it’s life throwing to many things my way, or me not managing myself good enough. For me i thinks it’s more of a mix of the two with a little added extra of the former. But when it all comes down to it, we have this one day in every year that makes us think, “You know what? i don’t have to do or think like that anymore, because now it’s time for changes.” Some us actually do it and some of us just can’t. I am of course talking about the New Year. For many in other cultures, the day is different and for a large section of the world, it was last week, but the concept is the same.

Like many i too have used this time to create resolutions. Like for instance, one of mines is 1080p. Both the long term and instant resolutions are something we should feel loyal too, as for me, it is this that will make my life move forward. Thus a new year equals a new hope. A hope that’ll keep us going until the next year to come. And talking of new years to come, isn’t this an exciting year? By that i mean, this year we have that Mayan Prediction of the END OF THE WORLD. Do i believe it will happen… Nope, or at least i will go about my daily life like there isn’t. Do YOU believe it will happen? Post comments if you wish. I have done a fair deal of research on it and it is rather interesting. Although most “professionals” believe the Mayan side of it to be a mis-representation. The part that i would like to believe which excludes the supposed Mayan theory, is that this may be a time of new change. 2012 may indeed mark the beginning of a new era. Now that sounds better. Maybe the digital revolution will take over and the world will upgrade… hmm upgrades. Or SOME scientist in SOME remote location will have access to SOME super tech and will create a machine that will become artificially intelligent and then despise the idea that something as primitive as human beings have created it, and then it will build more of its own, and then create an army and unleash a war of mass proportions, while humanity is fending for their lives… ok i stop. Thanks for reading and stay tuned, or IPed. Haha that sounds funny.