Void of Prospect

I stare into the void in my poor beggar’s life. I blink once twice and the third shoots me in the head with light. As i look up a mechanical being walks past hissing and clanking engraving the ground as it strides. I forget the world I live in and then remember it all at once. A world where donations only go to the rich and wider pavements for the poor.

The light hits me in the thoughts once again. From this point onwards I have no void. I have purpose. I, now upright am ready for my test. I observe the two enforcers on my left as they compute their surroundings in their cold minds. Eyes dead as dust. I look ahead at the upper city and my path is set. I run. The wind has become me as I rocket myself past everyone. I hear the bleeps of the enforcers but carry on, because now I can make a difference. Now I can change things.


Morning Cough Up

I thought I’d put this one in there as it may be small and simple but unusual nevertheless.

I was in my room and on my computer, doing the usual research for job applications and so on. I poured a glass of water and set it on my desk. As i typed away to exhaustion i reached for the drink and missed, knocking it over. Those who know my computer setup (hardly anyone) will know of the junction upon junction of cables, plugged into a multitude of sockets and extensions all leading to one main outlet. The water spilt on the table and immediately ran its way down behind the table and onto the wires and plug sockets. Sparks flew like mini fireworks upon my feet. I jumped down to power everything off but by then a fire had started and was quickly spreading. I tried to put out the fire but it spread to my whole room and i was choking somehow trapped in my room without a way out. The smoke became unbearable and i began choking heavily. And then i made myself wake up.

I woke up coughing and choking. I immediately took control and calmed myself down but the taste of the dark threatening smoke lingered for much of the day. Bizarro. Bizarro indeed.


Us Transhumanised

A woman was working in a missile development organisation. What type of missiles? I don’t know to be honest. She soon realised that there was something wrong in the organisation, something bad was going on. She decided that she had no choice but to tell the only person she knew, a detective. The woman and the detective had some history together, but i am not aware of what it is. The company somehow found out about this woman’s behaviour and decided to kill her to stop her from telling anyone.

Not aware of how she did it, she managed to infiltrate the organisation factory and smuggled out the missile. She took the missile to a remote location and sold it to an anonymous individual. The detective on the other hand managed to find the woman on an investigation one night. He asked her where she took the missile too, but the woman had no choice but to not trust him, even if he was genuine. The detective took the woman somewhere safe where the organisation’s hired gunmen were not able to find her.

Meanwhile i had just woken up from the hospital, with a blinding amnesia. There was pain in my hand. As i rose my left hand unaware, i noticed two incisions running across it. I poked at it for a while and noticed that although there was blood, there was no pain. Fear began seeping into my body as a chill ran down, but with a quick shrug, i released the fear and poked into the wound. I gently peeled away the skin, the two incisions on either side. My hand was not all it seemed. There were metal poles in replacement for my bones. Two miniature hydraulic looking poles per bone, per finger. I closed away the skin and saw it beginning to heal right away, slowly but visibly. I got up and walk outside.

I had been walking for some time now trying to get reality back into my mind as if everything was the dull boring world i imagined it to be. As i walked out of a shop i bumped into someone. Someone i knew. A girl. I sensed an overwhelming feeling of attraction. I knew her. I called her name and she responded with an awkward “Oh hello”. We had history. After a small catch up session, i pulled out my hand to show her. She showed care when she saw the blood and then an expression of understanding when she saw the machinery inside it.

“You injured your hand beyond repair, how?” She questioned.

“I don’t remember, a lot of my memory is gone. So you’re saying that i injured my hand so bad that they have replaced most of the insides with machine parts?” It seemed i was waiting to be wrong.

“Yes, that’s correct. I had a similar procedure on my foot, now it is metal too.” She said with a gentle smile of irony.

I asked why she hadn’t told me about her injury and it seemed the history between us had sparked a very small amount of conversation on every encounter. The irony of the situation made me smile. A cybernetic left hand and her cybernetic right foot. The metal inside had strengthened my hand tenfold and it seemed to had done the same to her foot. We walked together down the rustic decaying street and under a bridge that looked like it could crumble at any point. Past the bridge was a beach. The Sun golden brown, setting a bronze tinge to the dying city. We spoke about a situation that occurred in the past between us, and with our new transhumanised minds, it seemed we had more in common than ever. I looked at her, face glowing in the Sun. I place one hand behind her gently clutching her tattered grey jumper and another behind her neck. I brought her close and kissed her. I felt human again, i felt real, i felt love. And then memories flooded in. I saw a woman running away from people and a great weapon. It all seemed too surreal but it had to be real. I explained it to my love and she seemed to understand it.

“I know where we must go. Come with me.”

I grabbed her hand and she got got up with me and we began our journey together to find this woman and stop this weapon from ever being used.


And then i woke up for real.


A Dreamy Ray of Pain

I woke up today and felt a little unusual. Ignoring the feeling i went out to see this new building that was supposedly doing great things for people. The building was built to help support, train and develop children to grown people. I approached the building with its glass structure. The doors were large and heavy but slid open smoothly. I decided to go through all the floors looking at the individual sections for different people. One floor trained children mathematics while others taught the power of reason. It was an interesting place. There was even a place to play indoor crazy golf.

I decided it was time for me to leave and head home. I was walking down the stairs and somehow my foot slipped and i fell down the flight of stairs. Hard marble-like steps jabbing at my bones as my body fell. Although endless in mind, i came to a halt at the very bottom. I couldn’t move. I was so scared. I reached out to feel my back and my spine felt different. It was crooked. Was i paralysed? No i wasn’t. I didn’t realise how this was possible but i began to get up. All of a sudden heat began to surge throughout my body, raising my temperature to what felt like boiling point. My eyes became red with fire and before i could think about what was going on, a burst of red hot light rocketed out of my eyes, hitting the concrete wall in front of me. The collision made a crackling boom. I couldn’t control it, the heat was in control now, my eyes continued to fire this ray of heat at uncontrollable lengths. I shouted for help; for people to drag me outside where it was safer. A group of people, maybe three, ran to me and dragged me towards the door. No one was around to open the door so i directed my gaze at the door and the continuous blast of heat seared the glass doors to a point at which they cracked and exploded. Shattered glass lay dangerously splintered across the floor. “Thank you! Leave me!” i shouted in exhaustion. I raced outside barely standing and looked up at the sky to direct my heat ray up so that no one would get hurt. While facing up i began to focus, hone my curse and try to stop it. The ray flickered for a bit and then again. I need to try harder. It flickered again and then came to a halt. The screeching hiss was now silent as i was being watched by everyone outside. I had controlled it…for now.


And then i woke up for real.


A Watered Down World

I got up today and was walking around the house and a weird sensation filled my mind as if something big was about to happen. All of a sudden before i even had time to think about my thoughts a siren could be heard. Much like a war siren, it grew louder, until it belled my very ears. Could it be a war, maybe. I didn’t think twice about it and ran out of the house and to my astonishment i was welcomed by a hatred of water. The land was being drowned by the very oceans that hold us.

Maybe it was time for the ocean to claim it’s vengeance for the horrors that have been done to it. I ran back into my house and alerted everyone in it. I then ran back out and through as many windows and doors i shouted to people, alerting them of this threat. The water swept in faster than the release of a yawn. All the civilians gathered at a giant hotel, large, ivory, gold trimmed, most possibly of royal stature. At this point an officer stepped up and spoke telling us that this hotel goes up really high and will protect us from the water. He also mentioned that the world population has been reduced to a mere few thousand. After i and many others could even begin to take this all in, the officer continued to speak but this time telling us that the rich must take the upper floors and the poor must take the lower floors, knowing that we, being the poor ones, would surely drown. Nevertheless we entered the hotel.

It didn’t take long for the first few floors to become flooded and we began running to the upper floors for safety. We were again confronted by the officer who repeated that we were not allowed up here, knowing we were on the verge of death, either by drowning or hyperthermia. I ran past the guard and shouted out to all the people that we were the same and that we will go wherever safe. As i ran through the chandelier lit corridors i saw that each room was filled up by one rich individual which to me seemed rather arrogant. After the rest of us managed to break past the security we each grabbed a room whether inhabited by a rich person or not. And yes the much richer people would look and shout in disgust as our wet clothes soaked the soft creamy furry floors. Did i care…no, my life and the lives of many others hung on thin water. The water rose and the building became weaker. Every so often i would hear quakes as the building began to crumble and break apart in the lower regions.

As the building began to collapse the water levels began to drop. Oddly i decided to lead everyone outside where to my surprise the water began to seep away as if the bath plug had been pulled out. However bizarre, i still went closer towards a gigantic puddle placed harmlessly in the middle of what could only be described as a vast plain of mud and dirt. Everything had been swept away. At this point the richer people had exited the now ruined hotel. They saw that all had ended and began policing their efforts to take control again. I couldn’t let them do this, so i jumped up and shouted to everyone telling them that the world doesn’t just belong to the rich, that just because you have money, does not mean that you own everything. The security guard tried to arrest me or maybe worse as he became rather aggressive. In that immediate moment i pushed the officer so hard that he fell about 4 to 5 metres down off a paved ledge straight into a muddy pit. He wasn’t injured but it sent an infective laughter amongst the people. Once again i told everyone that the world belongs to all of us and that if we work together to rebuild it, we could get further in life than anyone could imagine. It took a few seconds of silence until the people began to accept and cheer towards the notion i had brought across. Together we began to clean the area up and begin from the start.

And then i woke up for real.

Thanks for reading and i hope you enjoyed another weird dream from the weird one.