Weapons of Mass Attraction


A series of quick doodles just randomly done of various weapons, not because I’m a violent man, no, i am the gentle type, but more because vastness of use of imagination when it comes to time periods, technology and material. Each one took about a minute to do after all they are doodles.


Rockets…Ships…and Aeronautical Simplicity

Bullet Ship DoodleSimple Jetpacks Doodle


Well… this looks overly simplistic but i thought I’d show you these because, well, this is where it begins. This smallest glimmer of something big. Just drawing or doodling a simple scruffy aircraft or a simple and scruffy jetpack may seem worthless, but if you think about it with a second first impression you’ll notice that these little doodles (often thrown away) could be expanded on to make such a more detailed spaceship based on the same concept, or a pair of jetpacks that is stylishly sharp looking. But they all come from somewhere and it’s those scruffy little doodles that pack a whole lot of imagination.



A doodle of a ringA doodle of a ringA doodle of an amulet

A simple collection of three simple doodles based round jewellery. Sometimes the simplest of drawings can be all you need. These were inspired by the original first instalment of the Diablo game series where these little jewellery pieces are the support of all your warrior attributes, such as adding vitality, magic, strength and even resistance to the elements.