15 Great Non-Xbox Live Games to get your Windows Phone Happy

Here’s the follow up post on a collection of non-Xbox Live games that you can install on your Windows Phone to give that device a little kick… please don’t kick your phone, it never turns out well. I decided to go for the “15” number…why? I don’t know. But nevertheless you got it! 15 non-Xbox Live games taken from various genres that i believe through their interest may just take a good few hours of your life away…positively of course. They are in no particular order of popularity but due to my impeccable OCD i put them in alphabetical order. All games were tested on my Nokia Lumia 800 and work perfectly. Click on the icon to go straight to the marketplace download page. Enjoy!


1. Apple Bin by EscapeDevelopment

This little game is all about throwing away your apple in the bin… there is no alternative meaning behind that haha. But yes using the touch feature and well programmed physics of objects in the game, all you have to do is get at least one apple into the bin. It’s so simple it’s just simply fun, that brings you a quick procrastination session anytime.

Cost: £0.79 / Free Trial


2. Blow up the Frog by Firebat Games

As weird as this sounds, the game really is weird. Not for all audiences but you simply hold the frog and blow into your device microphone and let go when your heart desires. The aim, blow the frog up as much as you can without actually blowing it up to bits. After your go, you’ll be introduced to the judges… three frogs… of course, who will rate you from 1 to 10. Then you simply do it again and again… and again. If you want, you can just keep blow it up to bits, if you like that sort of thing.

Cost: Free


3. Breakout by Clayton Industries

We all know breakout in some way, whether it’s nostalgic reminiscence, or you’ve actually broken out of prison, but whoever or whatever you are, you’ll always (most likely) enjoy breakout. A little moveable platform below, a bunch of blocks above and a ball that’s bouncing in between both with the goal of breaking all the blocks without the ball falling either side of your platform. Oh and did i mention a whole bunch of exciting power ups from multi-balls to laser guns.

Cost: Free


4. BBB: App-ocalypse (Bye Bye Brain: Appocalypse) by Weekend GS

This one intrigued me a lot, mostly because the game in my opinion is so good that i expected Microsoft to take it and turn it into an Xbox Live game. Nevertheless, there are a bunch of zombies that wish to get inside your building to… well, probably eat your brains. But in between the distance of the zombies and your building you have the chance to strategically place different types of people to attack the zombies. Whether it’s people with axes, people throwing meat to slow them down or cops with shotguns; the choice is yours. If however the zombies get too close to your building, you have the option to personally pull out your weapon and shoot them down before they get inside. This is one of my favourites.

Cost: Free


5. Chromatic (or Chromatic Pro) by Hennessy Apps

This game is probably the one i play the most. It is simply a turret below and a horde of enemies above coming down to get you, and all you do it shoot. The part that’s amazing with this one is that you have several different types of upgradeable guns e.g. Laser and Mines to name a few, a super explody screen wiping bomb that recharges, the soundtrack fits perfectly beside the game with its retro-electro feel, and the enemies are these bizarre shapes that somewhat remind me of the world of Tron. Getting amazing combos also gives you a small bullet time slow-mo effect that really does look cool. The more waves you defeat and the higher the level you reach, the harder and crazier it gets.

Cost: £0.79 / Free Trial


6. Doodle Dino by GeekWorks

Simply get the rolling dinosaur to the end of the line in a screen scrolling race to not fall over or get stuck. To help get your dino across to the other side simply draw the ground beneath it to help it roll onto the next platform and continue drawing to save it from falling, or getting stuck until you reach the end. The several checkpoints help with the natural difficult-ness of the game so that you don’t throw your phone at your TV. Nice colours and well made.

Cost: Free


7. LilDemonsSplatter by Matt Mitman

This little game is one of the only interesting first person shooters i have seen that try to make a first person shooter work on a Windows Phone 7 device. The graphics are amazing and the music works well. Your aim is to simply splatter the little demons. The controls take some time to get used to but once you do it is a pretty good shooter experience. This game gets an effort grade to the max.

Cost: Free


8. Nom Nom Worm by Elbert Perez

This brings a much more interesting way of playing a “Snake” game. You control the Nom Nom Worm and eat the various food dotted around the place, and as you eat, you grow. You must simply eat everything you can including the special ones that appear for a limited time and of course to spice things up, the higher you level up more number of enemies you must avoid before you become Nom Nommed. A very nice use of colours in the game.

Cost: Free


9. ORB (ORB FREE) by Palladium Power

I once played a game on the Gizmondo, yep that failed device that i still own working this very day. The game was called “Trailblazer”. Since playing that game, i have always wanted someone to make a similar game, and here it is. You control an ORB that moves continuously on a series of suspended platforms that in this case are falling apart and your aim is to go as far to the end as possible. To make things more difficult and more exciting, there are platforms dedicated to different actions, some push you to different directions whether good or bad and some explode, amongst many others. With many more surprises this adrenaline pumped game is one of the only of its kind and a great game, with great music and graphics.

Cost: £0.99 / Free Trial


10. Portals 2D by Weesals

For all the portal fans out there this is a must have. This is a top down 3D game where you are one person with a portal gun. You shoot one wall creating a portal and then another wall somewhere else, and when you walk through the first portal you appear at the second. Using this method you simply get from the start to the finish square. Obviously it isn’t that easy. To make things difficult, each level increases in difficulty by giving you different obstacles to stop you getting there and you must use your cunning to get to that wonderful end square. You never know, there might even be cake at the end of the game.

Cost: £1.29


11. Quadra by Elbert Perez

Now at first i thought this was another turret shooting game but it surprised me. The turret is located in the centre of the screen and the enemies appear all around you. With the amazing shiny retro graphics and great soundtrack this all sounds good, but as you level up the number of turrets that you must control the fire to increase. The reason i find this interesting is that i was watching a special someone i know play this game and she was so good she made it to two turrets. The funny thing happen when the third turret came into action. There’s only so many fingers a human has and so with her quirky panic-y-ness, she shouted “Ratan help!” and as soon i put my fingers on the screen to control the third and eventually forth turret, i realised that the game just went from single player to multiplayer. Soon we were controlling two turrets each with a chaotic amount of enemies. Of course you can control all four by yourself if you want to but this is pretty fun with another person too, if not, better.

Cost: Free


12. Retro Hero by TryTek

I am a sucker for platformer adventure games and to be honest they just don’t make them like they used to. But for the Windows Phone 7 at least we have one good adventure platformer known as Retro Hero, following the adventure of our little retro Hero. This is an all out adventure game with guns, bombs, secrets and a wonderfully beautifully pretty pixelated princess to save *smirk*. The retro graphics are very well done and the music contributes well alongside it.

Cost: £0.99


13. Unite by Microsoft Corporation

This is a simple game in which you move your balls around and try to join them together to form one big ball. Yeah ok, i’ll re-phrase that. You move several marbles around by tilting your device around and by avoiding obstacles such as walls, teleporters and more. You must “Unite” the marbles together to form a much larger marble. The more you join, the larger the marble becomes. Simple fun all-round.

Cost: Free


14. vNESLight (or vNESLight Pro) by Nudua

This is in fact an emulator for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Yep, an emulator for NES on the Windows Phone. You simply put your NES ROMs (games) onto your SkyDrive and download them using the vNESLight app itself. Once downloaded you can play with your hearts content. You can play landscape with the NES buttons on either side of the screen, or simply turn it portrait and you can play NES like a Game Boy with the screen above and the controls below. The frame rate on the games are good and every game i threw at it worked, and the sound is perfectly fine when playing at a much lower quality, which is hardly noticeable or can be a little choppy on high quality settings. Every game is comfortably playable with no lag. Save states work well too. A great emulator and the only one so far.

Cost: £0.79 / Free Trial


15. Xtreme Joyride by Sterling Games Inc.

This is an absolutely crazy game. It’s a style racing type game whereby you drive on a side scrolling landscape that fluctuates in terrain height and type with the aim to drive as further as possible. The more you drive, the further you get, and the more money you win to buy new vehicles. The crazy part is the whole race works under lower gravity and the car bounces like crazy, therefore keeping the car stable enough is a challenge itself. But then when damaged the only way to heal is to loop 360 degrees and land back. The more tricks you do, the more money you get, and the more you heal to go on further and further. The music greatly adds to the crazy bouncy feel of the game and can become appropriately irritating at times. Definitely a great laugh.

Cost: Free


Well there you have it, my top 15 games to help fill the space in that device of yours and you didn’t even have to rob a bank. Have great fun downloading and even greater fun playing until your fingers are red and twice the size. Thanks for reading.