It’s a Love Hate World

Hi awesome peeps! Long time no read. And darn, have i missed you all.

It’s amazing how much we can go through in such little time. How much we can change in no time at all. I realised that there’s always someone out there ready to bring you down, manipulate and ruin things for you, but we have the ability to parry those daggers of hate and pain away from us.

I had a few big arguments because of a person out there trying to make me angry, make me trip and result in me making the people i love hate me in return. With people out there like that hiding their cloak of lies and deceit, i have realised that we have a way to reflect that damage away from us so that we can do the things we want to and be with the people we love and maybe even repair the damages done because of them; in the hope that the person you care about will see through it all and see you in your true form. My journey has begun and i hope that i can one day repair the damages to indirectly show that deceitful person that i am unstoppable and show the person i care about that i have always cared and always will.

Another lesson learned.

Another step in the right direction.

Wherever it may lead next.


The Existence of Real Life Superheroes

Everyone has a hero. Whether it’s an artist, a musician, an actor/actress, a family member, a friend or someone you so dearly love. All of the above exist, but what about real life superheroes. Well the first thing is simple, do they exist? It is up to you how you take this, but i believe that no matter what superhero you can think of, they all come from real life. In this reality we have really strong fighters, fast athletes, super brainy individuals and even the odd person who shows signs of the extraordinary, let’s say for example, someone with a high level bio-electric field. Of course superheroes date back to even as far as the Gods of mythology e.g. Greek Gods, but superheroes have always shown exaggerated abilities of what we humans currently have.

I believe in superheroes. The truth is currently there are so called superheroes already among the Earth, some have even been shown on television. These superheroes aren’t the super powered heroes we know in comics or films but are super in heart. These superheroes such as the already popular Phoenix Jones and Purple Reign are human as us but show great passion in helping one another. And then there’s the costumes, the ultimate symbol that all will recognise. Both the superheroes above and many more wear costumes despite the mainstream audience’s sarcasm and dis-belief. This is what makes them super. Have they helped us? Yes they have. That makes them heroes. Superheroes.

The only downside is the debateable subject of law. By this i mean the many questions related to laws and regulations and of course the politics involved in whether or not this should be allowed. Some believe that this is just outrageous and “crazy”, while others see it as a symbol of hope and safety. I am biased. I love superheroes and everything real superheroes stand for. On the dark we have people scrutinising over whether these Supers should be allowed to just roam the streets and be involve in crime. Some believe that they are in fact getting in the way of the police’s duties. This could however be directly counteracted with the fact that Supers manage to be at the scene of a crime way before the police. This doesn’t mean that the police are slow to work, but merely that the Supers are faster or at the right time and place. The police get paid and are on duty with money rolling into the bank. Supers on the other hand are volunteers of the people that put their own lives at risk for the safety of others, for free. That’s where i belong. What some lovers of superheroes forget is that the police aren’t all bad. I could agree that so many are bathing in power and pride but i believe in people becoming police officers to protect the people. Not all police are bad, but many seem to dislike the Supers.

One thing that intrigued me was that most of these happen in America (which does sort of makes sense), however i wanted to know what the laws were for Supers or “masked vigilantes” in England, or more closely where i am from, London. So i was walking home today from one of my regular strolls and i happened to come across two police officers. Of course i opened with “May i ask you a very bizarre question?” I went on to explain about masked Supers and asked what the laws are to it. They were a little stumped at first but later explained that here in London, there is one main rule that no one can cause any member of the public any sort of alarm. As soon as a public member becomes affected negatively, then it can be considered an offense. It seemed perfectly reasonable to me. I then went on to propose a scenario.

“A man has just attacked an innocent and a Super has seen them and chases the villain. The Super catches up with the villain, grabs his arm, twists it around his back and pins him to the ground. The Super then calls the police.”

Is this acceptable? I would say yes. The police however had only one real problem with it. They stated that the masked individual is not allowed to attack first, therefore no arm bending, unless it is done as a result of an attack against the masked person. So that means finding a non-offensive method to get the attacker off the innocent and then only pin the attacker or capture him, if he is attacking you. Hmmmm, that makes things so difficult. It means that the attacker has more leverage. Of course we have all heard of stories of burglars being attacked by the households, or even just injuring themselves in a victim’s household and then suing the innocent. This is why the police stated it was such a grey area.

Being a masked Super is very difficult in the modern day of laws, regulations and even CCTV and photographic technology, but that doesn’t mean we give up. Most of the masked Supers we see on YouTube are good people who are genuinely helping people, even if it is just giving food to the needy, but there are the Supers that lurk in the shadows protecting the people of the world, wearing symbols of hope, truth, justice and the American righteous way. If i were a Superhero, i would be in the shadows, never seen, or if seen, never in the lime light, not even the zest of the lime light. Do i dare condone such behaviour? Yes i do. What do you think? Who knows, maybe one day London too will have a Superhero.


There Is No One More Uncanny!

(Part 4)

Today is the birthday of Linu Hamid a great inspiration to me and much of what i am. She is the director of The Uncanny Collector, a blog based on her great artwork that has come to be. She isn’t just an ordinary artist. She with her blog has decided to show the world what it is like to be inside the mind of a graphic illustrator. So what does this mean you say? Well we have all seen great artwork, but never how the art of one develops and becomes what i can only perceive as “amazing”.

She will of course be reading this, thinking, “My work isn’t amazing!”. But that just proves that she can be wrong too (oh yeah). Since i have known her, her work and art has always been of the highest quality and now people of the world, you too can see it for all that it is, don’t expect all of it to be there, after all, it’s development and to see all the greatest, you must wait and read and watch closely, as i most definitely do. After all it was her who inspired me to do the things you see on my blog, if anything, i owe her every piece of thanks i am.

There was a time when she would sit there working and drawing and not a single soul would see it, because it would be hidden under her arms at all times, like a masters next greatest masterpiece. She has a very unique style that can be seen as sometimes eerie, cute, simplistic, emotional and often with a great deal of fantasy. I am here to say, please take a look, admire, like, comment and drool.

It’s now 2 am and i end this with a great thank you to Linu for all that she has helped me with and a great bow to the work i have seen her do. Happy Birthday!

Linu’s Blog: The Uncanny Collector

Linu’s Flickr Photostream: pandabot_chun



P.S. Part 5= Sends you an electronic envelope

Bungie Jumped Where No One Else Could

My love for the Halo game franchise reaches beyond just that of general gamers. I love the gameplay, the intricate story, the graphical and artistic detail and also something which people often forget…the company behind the creation, Bungie.

It all began with two people. First Alex Seropian in May 1991 where Bungie was founded and later Jason Jones. The two worked side by side to produce amazing games such as “Minotaur: The Labyrinths of Crete” a sharply detailed role-playing adventure game based on exploration developed in 1992 for yep the Mac OS (Woohoo *chokes*). I really like the tagline for the game being,

“Kill your enemies. Kill your friends’ enemies. Kill your friends.”

The next in line was “Pathways into Darkness” a unique first person adventure shooter created in 1993 for yeppers Mac OS. This was their first commercial breakthrough.

After this, came the first game of theirs that i have actually played. For those who play games deeper than the average playing will notice hundreds of so called “Easter Eggs” or hidden secrets in the Halo games based on this. The game is “Marathon”. This trilogy of games is a sci-fi first person shooter developed in 1994, about a Security Officer who must defend his ship against countless attacks from an alien race known as the Pfhors. Hmmmm Master Chief, Covenant…. Anyways the ship he must protect also has AIs known as Leela, Durandal and Tycho in which one of these begins to act weird and cause trouble. Hmmm…..Halo…Pillar of Autumn…Cortana…Serina. So many similarities. Even untrusted AIs going rampant which in this case for Halo is the 343 Guilty Spark. Even the Mjolnir armour can be seen in both.  You may or may not know all these names that i am throwing at you -besides that apple pie- but they are indeed characters in the ever extending story that is Halo. Many, including me, think of Marathon as the building blocks and possible spiritual predecessor to the Halo Saga. This is where you begin to realise that everything Bungie make in some way tie in together. Their passion succeeds continuously game after game.

After this and before Halo, two more games were made. The first being the Myth Series developed in 1997; a real-time strategy game with once again great graphics and a great story following through. I love this incident. One of the biggest mistakes Bungie has ever made (i think it’s the biggest) was that the sequel to this game “Myth II – Soulblighter” had a serious bug in it, in which the uninstaller would erase the folder that the game was installed in. If then however a user installed the game to the root of their hard drive, the uninstaller would in fact erase all the contents of the users hard drive. Now that is both scary and hilarious but it cost more than a million dollars to fix…Ouch. Luckily it is said that the bug was replaced before the game was actually ever sold to any consumer, except for the marketing lady who found the bug, yep a clean wiped drive, all her dirty videos collection on mud, dirt and soil erased…she didn’t really have dirty videos on mud…or did she?

The second game and their last before halo, was Oni, a 3rd person shooter/beat ‘em up about a dystopian Earth where pollution has dwindled Earth’s population. To make things worse although all the nations of the world have joined together into one collective group, the police force in which the protagonist works in is not all what it seems. This plus the main enemy, a criminal organization known as the Syndicate, make the protagonist’s quest for self discovery and of course saving the human race indeed more difficult than eating a Tiramisu cake, well for me that is. The game is obviously influenced by Ghost in the Shell as the protagonist is a woman code-named Konoko who does in fact look similar to Ghost in the Shell’s Motoko. Hahah Konoko…Motoko…talk about influence, but  i would also call it inspiration. Music from Myth, and to me it seems some sound effects and armour permutations from Oni were also Easter Egged into Halo, or included through inspiration…or inspiracluded. If you ever work out where in fact Bungie have secretly put the Myth music track “Siege of Madrigal” in Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo: ODST and Halo: Reach then you are in fact awesome. If you haven’t then you are still awesome but just a tiny winy bit less hahaha, just kiddin’ i love you all, even you little monkey. But really if you do find them then you will be amazed at where Bungie have hidden them and how to activate them. I indeed tried all of them and darn are they really funny.

Bungie didn’t start out as a professional straight up organization with all A stars. They began as a few people having fun and doing what they love most, making games on the Mac OS platform for people like us to enjoy. Inevitably they grew and grew. And it is this that lead to their current ultimate baby…Halo.

Released in 2001 Halo is a super detailed, story focused game which began life as a Real-time Strategy game, then 3rd person shooter and then ultimately became a 1st person shooter. The game was originally codenamed “Monkey Nuts” and later “Blam!”. It is based on an all out war between humanity and an unprovoked enemy known as the Covenant. This however is too brief as there is also a greater threat, threatening the galaxy and possibly the universe. This threat is the Flood, an infectious parasite that consumes all life-forms in order to live and spread. A super intelligent pre-human race known as the Forerunners found a way to contain them, until the Covenant naively released them once again, threatening all that lives. The game story features far greater detail than just this but to know the most you can means to play all the games a few times over, finding all secrets and hidden story information, read the books, read all the Wiki, Wikia, Bungie and Halo Waypoint website page on Halo inside out, read the comics/graphic novels and there are probably more that i just can’t remember right now, including the still to be released Reclaimer Trilogy, beginning with Halo 4. Wow sounds like Star Wars now. Halo is too big a universe and so many new posts will be done on this.

Possibly Bungie’s biggest mistake and best decision was to sell the game to Microsoft, the PC company. I believe is was the best decision dominantly because the Microsoft had the power, the knowledge of the gaming market, hands on the world next largest console the Xbox and of course the money to build. The game in my opinion would have been just as amazing without Microsoft, however i believe it is Microsoft’s input that got the game out into the world. The reason why it was the worst decision, but inevitable was that as soon as Bungie would feel it is time to end it at a perfect story ending, Microsoft would know that more money is to be made from Halo, and also the fans would be wanting more, and so the way the business world works, you lose partners and you gain partners. On March 31st this year all Halo server data will be transferred to 343 Industries Waypoint website and Bungie will not be continuing anything based on the Halo franchise…sad face indeed. Many fans of Halo seem to be annoyed at Bungie for this, but it is not their fault and is simply the business way of life, the rest of us know that Bungie are the true geniuses that began it all and without them there would be nothing. Already with 343 Industries newly released remake of Halo: Combat Evolved, know as Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, i have noticed that it just doesn’t feel like a Bungie game anymore and not feeling like a Bungie game means not feeling like a Halo game. In all the Halo games the main protagonist the Master Chief was this hard, rough and powerful Spartan soldier with limited speech and movement. 343 Industries are doing a great job so far but the Chief all of a sudden began to move and animate a little bit too much and soon i was beginning to feel the hard, rough soldier feel slightly fade away, not completely but enough to irritate beneath the skin. Also Bungie knew how to polish a game because even the little fades in visual and audio content that 343 Industries seem to miss out immediately irritate me. But we knew this would happen and we knew the game would change without Bungie, but the key is to be open minded and hope Halo 4 does a good job. Follow Bungie at

If you have an hour spare then have a watch of this video about Bungie’s 20th Anniversary. I found it very amusing and interesting. Or if you want you can skim through it.

Bungie Documentary: “O Brave New World”. Video from YouTube by IGNentertainment.

I’ll end this transmission with my words to Bungie. Thank you for filling our gaming hearts with awesome games and giving me hope that the world hasn’t yet lost its imagination. Can’t wait for your next awesome game series which we are aware is in development. May you continue your goal for world domination and succeed. Thanks for reading folks.


P.S. Watch out Bungie you’ll be seeing a job resume one day, in fact I’ll be sending one all the time, after all, what’s more important is working with a team of super talented people that not just know how to make awesome games, but know how to have fun with it.

Steve Jobs: Time Takes Even Legends

Well it’s been a few days since the passing away of the awesome “Apple Visionary” Steve Jobs and things just don’t feel right. Someone who began -along side another two- one company with a simple name “Apple”. A is for Apple. It’s the first thing that appears in the alphabet in most cases and just like it is a very common first word in the alphabet, it is also currently the most valuable brand in the World. Talk about the Big Apple. I find it inspiring how Sir. Jobs (not really a Sir but it’s for respect) came about being the head man of Apple. From a youthful hippie that even dropped out of college to The Apple Man. All he had was an aspiration. To invent for the world. His dreams erupted into the world like a Yo-Yo craze. But this Yo-Yo just kept on spinning.

I think it proves to us that no matter what obstacles lie in our path, we can overcome them. We may not pass our GCSEs, or maybe fail a few A-Levels or like Sir. Jobs maybe even dropout entirely (not that i’m indicating you should), but as long as we have a passion growing inside us like a wildfire; if we grasp it, we can do wonders. Not all our dreams are for the world. Some people want to accomplish something just for themselves or the people they love and keep close. Others want to change the world for the better. I for one wish to make even the slightest difference in the world, or maybe just to a handful of people; but a difference nevertheless.

Apple Computers: Before & After

From the "Apple I" in 1976; to the first "Macintosh 128K" in 1984; and to the current "iMac" in 2011

Talk about change, and hasn’t the world changed. It’s funny how Apple was officially established in 1976 on April 1st. I do think those of you more into the artistic side of life may find this interesting.

Apple Logo Evolution

The Evolution of the Apple Logo

That first logo even has Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, unaware that an “Apple” will fall on his head. Steve Jobs along with Apple have come a long way and for me, throughout my whole life (so far). I do wonder how Apple will develop from this point forward, knowing that Steve Jobs has left years worth of products in line for us. But then what? Find out in the next episode of … ok i stop. I’m pretty sure there’s a movie ready to be made called “Steve Jobs” … yes i’m looking at you Sony Pictures, who have already secured the rights to the movie based on the soon to be released Steve Job’s Biography… i wonder. I hate it when companies do that. I find it unusual how whenever someone in the world does something great, something happens to make them fall -not in the sense of fail- but just fall. Maybe i’ll delve deeper into this in another post. I guess all that is left to say is thanks for all your hard work Steve Jobs and for the inspiration to many. While the world lies Jobs-less, the legacy continues.


P.S. And remember folks…an Apple a day!