To Draw or not to Draw

It has been a difficult and shocking week and two dear friends of mines are having trouble for which i will continue to always have faith in and not give up on, after all the greatest friends are the ones who stick by even in the most difficult of times, and especially when not asked to. Sometimes the best thing to do is to occupy your body for the times your mind is unable to think straight.

And so i decided to draw. I’m not much of an artist (especially in comparison to some of the people i know) but i can do something and i think at times they look nice. I have never pursued drawing as a career because at first i used to simply not feel good enough, but now i feel it is more of a hobby than a career. I may one day publish a comic book or a novel with illustrations (no not of you little monkey, ok maybe) or maybe even do some concept art or canvas paintings, but that’ll probably be it. Nevertheless drawing takes my mind and puts it deep into the imagination i hold so dear in that bizarre brain of mines.

I’ve been told i am good at drawing since i was a little sapling, i used to win merits, and awards and even had some art of mines exhibited in museums. I think that if i kept it up as a primary course in every school, college and at university i would be much better now but then i love to do too many things. Literally all the navigation links above i have some sort of a passion for, including the not yet named error. Currently i can draw fairly ok, but only using references. If you tell me to draw without any references then what i draw will not come out very well. It may simply be because i haven’t really practiced as much, i haven’t done life drawing which i would like to, nor have i focused on it as a primary passion. Because you don’t become a great artist with talent alone, it takes a lot of hard work. Below are drawings of left hands, why left hands? Because i’m right handed. The one on the left has been drawn without a reference, whereas the one on the right was drawn using my own left hand as a reference. Spot the difference.


 Drawing of a hand without a referenceDrawing of my own left hand


Good thing is i can often use references and alter them as i draw, such as my previous drawing post of the person singing. After all i don’t want to be replicating the picture and most likely making a much worse representation of it haha. But then again sometimes the point is to replicate. I guess one of the next things i would like to do is digitally colour my drawings. Currently i have only done one digital drawing and it came out somewhat ok, but i guess after a few hundred years i should be a master. In the meantime i am going to make some shader spheres to practice getting the different colours right and working with highlights and shadows. I will also soon be receiving a modern take on the Camera Lucida (room of light), a piece of technology used throughout the 19th Century as an indispensable tool for drawing masters and this day it is hardly known of. A team of two decided to put together a modern version known as a NeoLucida and this is what i will be receiving soon and it’ll be interesting to see what i can do with it, besides chewing on the lens.

Although i draw, i also do creative writing, video production and soon to be voice acting and you will see more of these soon.

Thanks for reading, love you all.


Music to my Eyes

Here’s a little something i am working on. I used a picture on the internet (a very low res one) but the point is to use the rough shape as a reference for me to build on. When i use references i never copy them directly, in fact i use them as a foundation but the point is to alter them into my own creation. So i have managed to draw this far. It’s not bad but needs some refining. Actually a lot of refining. One thing i am glad about is that the positioning, angles and proportions seem to be ok. I always have difficulty with hair; maybe one day. I may actually refine it a little bit more, adding more shading and so on and then digitise it so that i can digitally colour it using my lightly used Wacom Bamboo tablet, mmmm bamboo. Anyways, we will see how far i take this and you never know it may just be worthy.


 The Singer drawing (Step 1)


Oh and i did using a simply HB pencil, arrghhhh i know haha. Thanks for reading and viewing, i deeply appreciate it. Love you all.


Charmander: A Pretty Pyromaniacal Pokémon

Charmander On Grass


This is the first drawing i have ever done entirely on a drawing tablet. Normally i draw by hand, then scan in the drawing and finally draw and colourize on top of the scanned drawing using the drawing tablet. I thought I’d make an exception and give it a go by using only the tablet. I thought of drawing a Pokémon because they are small and simple and that would help me develop my skill as i go on to bigger and more detailed subjects. Well, anyway this is what i came up with. It’s not perfect but it’s getting there.

Thanks for reading.


It’s Time For Some Carnage!

Carnage (2012) By Ratan Phamber


Here it is my latest drawing. This is my second attempt at drawing with a graphics tablet. I decided to go all out on a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet and see if i can advance my skills (however much i really have) into the Digital World. I have always been drawing, sketching and doodling since i was a kid but i have always wanted to do digital art, like the ones you see that are made for games and movies (mostly games). Who knows maybe one day i can be a concept artist for a games company. Any way while i dream about that along with a dinosaur playing with a squishy ball, i thought I’d show you this Carnage drawing i have made.

Carnage is a character from the Spiderman franchise. The human form known as Cletus Kasady was always an outcast but at the same time believed that true freedom was to do anything and everything you want, including murder. He became Carnage via an offspring from the asexual alien life-form known as Venom. Once the Venom offspring entered Cletus’s bloodstream, he became Carnage. Even Spiderman was no match for him. Spiderman had to team up with Venom to defeat him, of course not completely.

The drawing began with a sketch, in fact it was quite a rough sketch if you ask me, but then i scanned it in and began colorizing it, starting with the base and working my way up to the details, such as the eyes, teeth and flames. I find it funny that at one point in time i was sort of afraid of using the tablet thinking i would be no good on it. But i shows even you (YES YOU…ok and you little monkey) can surprise yourself. But you have to try, you have to fight fear. Fear may be a strong word to use here but however large or small, it seems that it is always fear that stops us in our tracks, and if we can endure and surpass it, then we have the ability to become whatever we want, because fear will not stop us from acquiring our goal. Below shows how the sketch started off and you’ll immediately notice how i didn’t have much to work with but the basic structure that was there was all that i needed. This and my imagination. I have also added a variation i made of Carnage below.


Carnage (2001) By Ratan PhamberCarnage (2012) Within Darkness By Ratan Phamber


The variant i have made is my favourite version of it. Although much of the detail has been consumed by the darkness, it also comes with some positives, such as showing the scariness of carnage itself. The darkness connotes a sort of fear of Carnage. It also suggests that if Carnage ever got to you then you too will be consumed by it (both fear and Carnage). The scary deadly look was what i was going for and it seems it is what i got. All-in-all it took me about 5 hours to complete this. Hopefully i can become both faster and more skilled as time goes on.

I have much to learn, but learn i will at every step. Let me know what you think by commenting, liking (if you like it) and of course TwitFacing. Thanks for looking and reading.



A Picture That Cost Me No Squid

I thought i’d start by showing some of my earlier works before going on to something really good (unless it’s really good). So here it is, the picture that literally cost me no squid. One, because i drew it, and two, because the squid is in it.

Alien Squid (2002)

The picture was inspired by a movie i watched at the time. The movie “Deep Rising” is about a group of thieves that are on a wrecked ship doing what they do best, until faced with something…something horrible! Arrrggghhh! Sorry, but yes whatever that thing was, it inspired me to draw something similar. The idea was not to draw an alien squid, but to draw something that showed this feel of entanglement and to show it in various levels of layers whether it be the many tentacles swooping around or the millions of teeth ready to tear it’s meat into shreds before it has even gulped (talk about a healthy way of eating). It is almost like if you jumped into this picture, you wouldn’t be able to get out. So please don’t try it. But rather than showing you something old, i thought i’d also show you something new. Yep two squids for the price of one.

Alien Squid - Grungified (2002)

So after 10 years and it not having decomposed i looked at it and thought, that’s cool, but what’s missing? C’mon tell me? No not you monkey? I realized it was missing it’s home. It lived on a wrecked rusted old rotten ship and i wanted to show that in the picture and voila (pardon my French). Several edits and adjustments later, out came this. I guess i am pleased with it. I can still do a lot better now but it’s good to see an artist in the making (whether i fail or prevail). Anyways, thanks for your viewing and i promise to show even greater pieces of art in the near future. I’m not squidding!


Thus…It Began!

Wolverine (2000)

Ahh something creative…a skill…how swell. Besides all that sarcasm, this is indeed a drawing i have done. However this isn’t just any drawing. This is the earliest drawing i could find where i realized i had a small amount of talent when it came to holding a pencil. This was done in 2000 (woohoo we made it!). That means that i did this drawing when i was 13 years old. All those days sitting there after school staring at the screen watching Art Attack and i had some part of it inside me. I took this skill and although like many, was prevented by certain family members to not pursue this as a career thinking it would be a dead end, i left it as a hobby. Luckily it never left me. This is indeed Wolverine from the X-Men, getting blasted by heavy shooting, it’s always good to see a self healing hero get blasted into bits only to come back and say “Here’s Johnny!” Or something like that. Marvel and DC Comics grew on me from a very young age and comics were always there to help; with an aspiration to one day draw as good as the awesome artists do in these comics. Yeppers, although this picture isn’t totally soaked, it is however watermarked, like all my others will be. I’m not pointing any fingers. But i didn’t say anything about toes mwahahahahaha!

If i am to be anything of a good artist then i have much work to do. But at least i can say that this was something i did when i was 13. If only Neil Buchanan had received my letter with a drawing in it. But then i doubt a letter with a personally made stamp with a drawing of the queens head on it would have managed to get past Royal Mail. One of the workers probably saw it and said “awww” and then scrunched it up and threw it in the trash can.

Well i hope you like and remember, if i can do it so can you…even YOU! Afterall we are both different and the same.