Look Ahead Bunny

Danger Bunny


There was once a little frightened bunny,

That was too afraid to hop;

It looked down at it’s trembling feet,

Thinking it would just flop.

Then one day it twitched it’s nose,

And looked up straight ahead;

Then took a leap and then a stride,

And rid itself of dread.


A Rough Knight

Scruffy NinjaRough KnightInk Knight


Every now and then i get an urge to draw knights and often ninjas. Why? I have absolutely no idea. Maybe it’s simply because i am bizarre. The bravery, the armour, the swords, the honour. When it comes to movies, series, books or anything to do with knights and even more so knights and dragons then i can’t help but watch, read and jump excitedly like a panda winning the jackpot at a bamboo fair.


Rayman is the Man…Ray!

Super Rayman HeadSuper Rayman


I used to have (and still do) Rayman on the Game Boy and darn did i love that game. My parents didn’t buy me many games so this was one of the games i loved so much i had completed it a few times, and once holding the Game Boy upside down throughout; now that was a challenge. These doodles were inspired by Rayman with a super hero twist.


Weapons of Mass Attraction


A series of quick doodles just randomly done of various weapons, not because I’m a violent man, no, i am the gentle type, but more because vastness of use of imagination when it comes to time periods, technology and material. Each one took about a minute to do after all they are doodles.


Rockets…Ships…and Aeronautical Simplicity

Bullet Ship DoodleSimple Jetpacks Doodle


Well… this looks overly simplistic but i thought I’d show you these because, well, this is where it begins. This smallest glimmer of something big. Just drawing or doodling a simple scruffy aircraft or a simple and scruffy jetpack may seem worthless, but if you think about it with a second first impression you’ll notice that these little doodles (often thrown away) could be expanded on to make such a more detailed spaceship based on the same concept, or a pair of jetpacks that is stylishly sharp looking. But they all come from somewhere and it’s those scruffy little doodles that pack a whole lot of imagination.