Belated but Updated and Fighting for my Writing

I am starting a few new projects and some mini projects. Most of which are secrets mwahahahaha *chokes on his laughter*.

But yes anyway, someone i hold very dear to me made me realise how much i love writing. When i was a little kid i used to read like crazy. There wasn’t a book i couldn’t leave alone, be it about fantasy, astronomy, science fiction, dinosaurs, life, technology, facts, animals, dinosaurs, physics, film, television, food, art and dinosaurs. And many more, even a book about how to make different types of knots. My favourites were always about astronomy, fantasy, science fiction and, well …… dinosaurs, but my love for reading and writing has made me want to do more in it now. Life’s problems made it difficult to pursue my passions, but it is never too late.

So, among the poetry and dreams and things that i write about, i will be starting a little on-going story. Now i normally already write stories so i wanted this to be different, so here will begin an on-going story that i will write as i think up each part. Each time i post a chapter, it will be completely improvised from the top of my head. This will be both exciting and an interesting way to see the imagination through my mechanical mind (<—eh eh, see what i did there ^v^).

Coming within the next day or so i will begin my new improvised and on the spot imagined story, all written as i go including the genre, characters, plot, setting and even the title.

Until then see you all very soon.


It’s a Love Hate World

Hi awesome peeps! Long time no read. And darn, have i missed you all.

It’s amazing how much we can go through in such little time. How much we can change in no time at all. I realised that there’s always someone out there ready to bring you down, manipulate and ruin things for you, but we have the ability to parry those daggers of hate and pain away from us.

I had a few big arguments because of a person out there trying to make me angry, make me trip and result in me making the people i love hate me in return. With people out there like that hiding their cloak of lies and deceit, i have realised that we have a way to reflect that damage away from us so that we can do the things we want to and be with the people we love and maybe even repair the damages done because of them; in the hope that the person you care about will see through it all and see you in your true form. My journey has begun and i hope that i can one day repair the damages to indirectly show that deceitful person that i am unstoppable and show the person i care about that i have always cared and always will.

Another lesson learned.

Another step in the right direction.

Wherever it may lead next.


Void of Prospect

I stare into the void in my poor beggar’s life. I blink once twice and the third shoots me in the head with light. As i look up a mechanical being walks past hissing and clanking engraving the ground as it strides. I forget the world I live in and then remember it all at once. A world where donations only go to the rich and wider pavements for the poor.

The light hits me in the thoughts once again. From this point onwards I have no void. I have purpose. I, now upright am ready for my test. I observe the two enforcers on my left as they compute their surroundings in their cold minds. Eyes dead as dust. I look ahead at the upper city and my path is set. I run. The wind has become me as I rocket myself past everyone. I hear the bleeps of the enforcers but carry on, because now I can make a difference. Now I can change things.


The Invisible Man

I walk atop a tall bricked stalk,

Wind cutting through my cheek;

Stepping just slightly over to the edge.

I contemplate why i’m so invisibly meek.


I called her name and she turned around,

But looked right through me with pure desolation;

Should i tell her, elucidate the truth of it all,

Or will i be simply risking her life in this discombobulation.


One way or another they’ll find me aloof,

And they’ll shackle my soul away;

I’ll be left entirely docile but to do their bidding,

So i run further and further, left with but dismay.


So here i am once again atop,

Of this broken old stalk of disdain;

Standing over on the edge of all that is left,

Just wishing to be seen again.


Troubles and Choices

Sorry for the lack of posts this side of the year folks. A lot has happened in terms of a lot troubles and choices (ah link to title… *person in the back row seat applauds, then immediate gets slapped*). So much to think about, so much to decide. Choices, do i, don’t i? What if? But then isn’t life just a string of what ifs waiting to happen, and should we really be waiting for what ifs? Wondering what consequences could occur, good or bad? If one should fight for it, or let it go forever? So much to think about. Sometimes it seems you are faced with two choices. One which will always be there and the other which will be gone forever. So then wouldn’t it be better to make the choice that could be lost forever? So if that choice turns out well, then hooray (person in the back row gets a jam tart), but if it doesn’t then we can always come back to the first choice and carry on from where we left off. I guess in the end it depends on how much you are willing to fight and sacrifice for it and how much it really means to you. Then put your fears in your pockets and take the chance.

So what will I do?

Simple. I will always take that chance, and if all fails and all is lost, then at least I know I tried.

Time to ready myself for a future of flux. Am I ready?…No. Am I ready knowing I am not ready?…Yes.

Thanks for reading.


Superman First Issue in the New York Post Newspaper 1939

Superman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 Framed3

Superman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 UnframedSuperman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 DateSuperman First Issue New York Post Newspaper 1939 Superman Strip


Here it is, the start of the Memorable Memorabilia of moi. And it begins with my most prized possession. This is in fact the first issue of Superman ever released in the New York Post newspaper dated Monday July 10th 1939.

My story of this begins many years ago when i first found my love for Superman and the Superman franchise. Sometimes when we are children we have the need for something to look up to, something to give us hope, something to tell us that we are going to make it and when we do, we are going to make sure the people around us also do. My past wasn’t a good one. It was filled with peril, pain and a little bit of happiness here and there to make it all seem…somewhat balanced. I needed something to grasp on to and help propel me towards the might of the sky. And so i chose my favourite character in everything i read and watched… Superman. He became my father figure, my guiding light and my way of life. To be good, to help people and to become strong enough to fight head on the perils i once fought with my shivering soul. Thus began an ever growing love for this franchise… and my superhero complex.

I went through a difficult point in life a few years ago and i chose to buy things, many things. I chose to collect things of great value that i liked, be it from film, books and music. Then i realised that i was buying to make the metaphoric hellish pit i live in, a better place. But even if such a thing exists, you can’t make a hellish pit better, it’s hellish. And so i bought my last piece. It had to be something big and of great value to me and so i bought this. Thus ended my purchasing spree to empty pockets. When i purchased it from a far of distant organisation linked to Washington DC, it arrived about a week after. It is such a brittle piece that even a touch can make parts of it crumble, so i immediately had it put into a protective sleeve and sealed into a frame.

So what to do now? Would i sell it? Maybe. Life has changed and is ever changing. I will keep it well preserved and packed until either i have a home with a dedicated memorabilia room, maybe have it on one of my walls, or i sell it and thus Superman helps me once again to pave a better future with enough money to start the purchase of a house. Perhaps. We shall only see.


Cosmic Entanglement

Across her space of convolution,

Stands a entity full of revolution;

A Star that seeks to distantly reach,

But does so not, instead alone without speech.


Across it’s time of a thousand events,

It flares the worthiness of it’s extents;

She lets the time brimmed goblet drop,

Because no longer is it’s light atop.


Across their continuum of it’s time and her space,

A lonesome star in her dimensional grace;

It’s flame enkindles setting itself ablaze,

But she veers on by with nothing but a graze.