Starlight Rust: Chapter One

I awake amongst the dusty clouds, feeling the misty frost on my face, solidifying my perplexed expression. My feet without control like a new born child. I was flying.

Is such a thing possible? I don’t care. I spread my arms, embracing the cold continuous blast of wind amongst the glittering silk of night. A light emerges from the never-ending distance. My curiosity peeks like the precipice of a volcanic eruption and i ready to leap inside. Before i can even think, i realise that my curiosity has already propelled me towards it. But the closer i get to it the further i remain. What is this deception? I will myself to stop, but am unable to. A sense of fear seeps into my soul, sealed inside by my own mind’s lack of control. The clouds darken as i begin to breathe sharply, and the light vanishes amongst the darkness. The heavy breathing drowns me in a sense of vertigo and i begin to sweat like a lamb knowing of it’s inevitable slaughter. I let out a cry but am still helpless. My vision completely covered by the betraying veil of dark clouds and yet a flash of lightning blinds me, followed by a roar of thunder that sends my muscles into a solidifying tenseness. At this point i know that my slaughter is inevitable and yet i wail and thrash about like there is some hope that i may be freed from this force of darkness.

I notice an eagle on my right glowing in its bronze splendour. I look to it for comfort, but instead it gazes back at me like a predator ready to strike. The lightning strikes again and again, sending blindness through my eyes and instant rainfall soaks me; turning my clothes into the very darkness, pulling me down enough to feel gravity ten-fold and yet leave me hanging still amongst the war of light and thunder. I look at the eagle again and it sends a pulsing screech through the atmosphere and shudders my eardrums. I don’t understand it but i turn the other way and notice that my left arm is a wing of bronze feathers. I pull my left wing and right arm in front of me. What am i? Confusion and fear grips me, and becomes all i know at this moment.

A crackle of lightning shoots down hitting my wing. I cry out with all my being as it penetrates my entire body, turning half my shirt into ashes and half my wing into abused burnt coal. The pain excruciating and numbing as my feathers are set ablaze. A second bolt whips my chest, leaving nothing on my pale skin but the scars and scorches of the unforgiving sky. A third and forth strikes me shredding parts of my trousers and parts of my skin. I scream in agony and can no longer bare it. I give in. I turn my head to see my steaming body and the rain -however refreshing- holding the lightning to my body like an electric robe of torture. And that is when i see her. In the distance, a face. She glows like an angel watching my demise. My eyes barely open. I know her. Yet i cannot name her. I reach out with what is left of my right arm, hoping that it is not another betraying illusion like the light earlier. I no longer care who she is; i simply long for her as if in a instant she is the love of my life. The grip of the sky on me is lifted and i am dropped.

My uncontrolled flight comes to a halt and my new path is downwards into the abyss. With my body in agony, i try to look down to see if there is even a ground, but with my back facing below and smoke like clouds haunting my vision, i can barely see. I notice that my fall rivals that of the rain itself and the droplets seems to halt mid-flight. A sense of envy fills me as the rain seems to be travelling upwards, merely me travelling faster downwards. I look up and the angels face is no longer visible. I miss her. My heart broken. I try to look below again and manage to see a giant crater laying there beneath me; my grave all ready and welcoming. A surge of energy pulses through me, adrenaline pumping, but diverting straight into panic and fear. With only seconds left i look death right in the eye and let out my final cry.


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