The Jelly Ocean Doth Wobble

Yep as the title suggests, my dream was about me having somehow teleported to an amazing dream-like gloriously heavenly beach, where the sand glows gold and crisp, sending a slight reflection of light towards the corner of your eye. The ocean glistening with the gentle swaying of a thousand topaz gems just floating restfully on its surface. And lastly the Sun –a yellowy bronze- firing rays of happiness right into the needy brain that is our minds. Here’s a picture to help you along the way, even though i am sure you have an amazing vision of it.

A Beautiful Golden Beach

At this moment i decide to run to the shore and jump into the ocean. I dive in and feel the cool waves of jelly as i swim deep and far into the ocean. Yep, you heard me right, or read me right rather. With only a second to think, i realise that the ocean is not just metaphorically like jelly; it is jelly. I then think to myself for a bit and decide to open my mouth while i swim and to my surprise, i am able to swim and eat in this delicious blasting fruity tasteful jelly ocean. I then decide to swim down to the bottom and to my surprise, once again, i realise that i can breathe under water, or maybe under jelly. So while under jelly ocean i able to still see the skies due to the amazing clarity of the jelly water. And i eat the jelly ocean water which seams to be super healthy, otherwise I’d sink with the amount i ate. And i swim away into the distance.

Ok, going shopping tomorrow to get some food. Blue jelly is now on my list.

Thanks for reading.

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