Aliens and Aches

What a day. Woke up a with heart palpitations again but much stronger than usual and they continued throughout the day. I wondered why i was feeling like this until i realised, ah yes, that dream.

I dreamt i was an alien; walked on two legs and had long arms and a slightly elongated head. To be honest i looked pretty much like the Arbiter in Halo 2 and 3.The Arbiter from Halo 2 and 3 I was being hunted down by the humans until i realised that the war was all wrong and i was fighting for the wrong team. The dream wasn’t as lucid as they can be. Anyway i decided to tell the humans that i was on their side and how we together can defeat the aliens and their attack force but that they have something planned, something that can destroy the human race. With much of the dream missing, i next remember that i was faced with some flying aircrafts that i shot down with ease and then running to destroy the device threatening the human race. I dove in front of the device blasting it with some sort of EMP (Electro-magnetic Pulse) weapon and destroyed it but just when i had, i knew someone was aiming down at me to kill and in an instant i turned around and shot it. The alien was dead, as a straight shot went through it’s head. All the marines around me were cheering for me and humanity, until i noticed that i had been pierced by a bullet that seemed to look like a two pinned fork. Unfortunately for me it had been shot directly into my heart. Two pins joint to one fork-like bullet and little chance of missing my heart. I fell to the ground and before i knew it, i woke up.

Most of the time i wake up instantly after death. But the rest of my waking day was filled with heart palpitations every hour or so. Luckily they were softer as the day went on. Weird one, but very exhilarating and full of adrenaline. Thanks for reading and remember not all aliens are bad.

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