Secrets, Mysteries and a Whole Lot o’ Awesomeness!

Over the next few days I’ll be doing some awesome things on the site. That’s awesome right? Yeah! We’ll that’s all bye bye.

Just kiddin’. I wouldn’t just leave you there. I’ll be revealing a few things, such as, what in the name of polka dot pancakes are those?…


Some of you may have guessed it and hopefully most of you haven’t hahaah. Of course i wouldn’t put secrets without some hints would i? We’ll it’s a tough hint so no crying. I’ll also be adding something for the Halo fans out there and i am not just talking about a small blog post that you have to read through a microscope, although that does now sound interesting *mental note taken*. But instead something a little more interesting, not just for Halo fans but also for people who like stories and writing. Also a new section has been added to categories called “Dreams” where i will be updating it with the latest information on the weird and wacky lucid dreams i have been having and how they are affecting me. Just to summarize, here is the low down:

   Revealing one of the secret links, beginning a whole new section on the blog.
   An on-going Halo related something.
   Beginning of a new section on the blog that is also on-going; artists and artists to be may be interested.
   Check out the Dreams Category for latest information on the weird and wacky world inside Ratan’s mind.

Stay tuned, or logged, or online… or stuff.


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