It’s Time For Some Carnage!

Carnage (2012) By Ratan Phamber


Here it is my latest drawing. This is my second attempt at drawing with a graphics tablet. I decided to go all out on a Wacom Bamboo Pen tablet and see if i can advance my skills (however much i really have) into the Digital World. I have always been drawing, sketching and doodling since i was a kid but i have always wanted to do digital art, like the ones you see that are made for games and movies (mostly games). Who knows maybe one day i can be a concept artist for a games company. Any way while i dream about that along with a dinosaur playing with a squishy ball, i thought I’d show you this Carnage drawing i have made.

Carnage is a character from the Spiderman franchise. The human form known as Cletus Kasady was always an outcast but at the same time believed that true freedom was to do anything and everything you want, including murder. He became Carnage via an offspring from the asexual alien life-form known as Venom. Once the Venom offspring entered Cletus’s bloodstream, he became Carnage. Even Spiderman was no match for him. Spiderman had to team up with Venom to defeat him, of course not completely.

The drawing began with a sketch, in fact it was quite a rough sketch if you ask me, but then i scanned it in and began colorizing it, starting with the base and working my way up to the details, such as the eyes, teeth and flames. I find it funny that at one point in time i was sort of afraid of using the tablet thinking i would be no good on it. But i shows even you (YES YOU…ok and you little monkey) can surprise yourself. But you have to try, you have to fight fear. Fear may be a strong word to use here but however large or small, it seems that it is always fear that stops us in our tracks, and if we can endure and surpass it, then we have the ability to become whatever we want, because fear will not stop us from acquiring our goal. Below shows how the sketch started off and you’ll immediately notice how i didn’t have much to work with but the basic structure that was there was all that i needed. This and my imagination. I have also added a variation i made of Carnage below.


Carnage (2001) By Ratan PhamberCarnage (2012) Within Darkness By Ratan Phamber


The variant i have made is my favourite version of it. Although much of the detail has been consumed by the darkness, it also comes with some positives, such as showing the scariness of carnage itself. The darkness connotes a sort of fear of Carnage. It also suggests that if Carnage ever got to you then you too will be consumed by it (both fear and Carnage). The scary deadly look was what i was going for and it seems it is what i got. All-in-all it took me about 5 hours to complete this. Hopefully i can become both faster and more skilled as time goes on.

I have much to learn, but learn i will at every step. Let me know what you think by commenting, liking (if you like it) and of course TwitFacing. Thanks for looking and reading.



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