A Picture That Cost Me No Squid

I thought i’d start by showing some of my earlier works before going on to something really good (unless it’s really good). So here it is, the picture that literally cost me no squid. One, because i drew it, and two, because the squid is in it.

Alien Squid (2002)

The picture was inspired by a movie i watched at the time. The movie “Deep Rising” is about a group of thieves that are on a wrecked ship doing what they do best, until faced with something…something horrible! Arrrggghhh! Sorry, but yes whatever that thing was, it inspired me to draw something similar. The idea was not to draw an alien squid, but to draw something that showed this feel of entanglement and to show it in various levels of layers whether it be the many tentacles swooping around or the millions of teeth ready to tear it’s meat into shreds before it has even gulped (talk about a healthy way of eating). It is almost like if you jumped into this picture, you wouldn’t be able to get out. So please don’t try it. But rather than showing you something old, i thought i’d also show you something new. Yep two squids for the price of one.

Alien Squid - Grungified (2002)

So after 10 years and it not having decomposed i looked at it and thought, that’s cool, but what’s missing? C’mon tell me? No not you monkey? I realized it was missing it’s home. It lived on a wrecked rusted old rotten ship and i wanted to show that in the picture and voila (pardon my French). Several edits and adjustments later, out came this. I guess i am pleased with it. I can still do a lot better now but it’s good to see an artist in the making (whether i fail or prevail). Anyways, thanks for your viewing and i promise to show even greater pieces of art in the near future. I’m not squidding!


2 responses to “A Picture That Cost Me No Squid

  1. teeheheh squidding, i love this picture when you showed it to me the first time i was really jealouse because i cant really do something like that, i sort of go in a liner form when drawings. I love the layers and textures you’ve put together on this, it’s realy inspiring and so lovely to look at, you should put some of the other examples up as well they look amazing to.

    Cant wait to see more!

    Linu x


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