Up and Atom!

Cheese & Crackers! My blog has launched out into the network of networks!. It’s times like these when you start to wonder if anything is coming out of all the things you do. But maybe they do… maybe we just don’t realize.

Well… Here it is, a blog launched by a red, cheese loving freak. Hmm… Red Cheese now that’d be something. But yes here it is. So many times i thought to myself, what should i do in life, where do i want my career path to go and i still don’t fully know. But a special someone told me to start a blog and i thought, “hmmm…not sure if i’m cut out to be a blogger.” But then i thought why not. I’ll never know until i try. To show the world my opinions, stories and work; and even give the world a few pointers about anything and everything along the way.

And KABLAMM! It starts! I hope this catches the interest of many people out there who somehow find my crazy talk somehow pleasing and comprehendible. Thanks for reading!



4 responses to “Up and Atom!

  1. yeyy, it’s good that you listened to the person that told you, you sound like you have so much to give and i cant wait to see more of what you have to say. Totally cool



  2. I take my hat off to you. I laugh and weep reading your work. Your words are lighthearted and yet full of meaning via experience (there is no way anyone can say the words you do and make the reader feel what they do). Your words are captivating. I sincerely look forward to reading more from you and will encourage others to read and follow. I wish for you to reach great heights and achieve everything you want.


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